Paving the way for next generation of cosmological surveys: new results and new methods in galaxy clustering

Please find the workshop details here below:



Monday 02/07/18

Morning session

Stefano Camera – Synergic cosmology across the spectrum

Lado Samushia – BAO signature in the bispectrum

Michele Moresco – First detection of BAO peak in the three-point correlation function of galaxy clusters

Stefano Anselmi – The Linear Point: a cleaner Baryon Acoustic Oscillation standard ruler

Federico Marulli – Cosmology from cluster clustering

Afternoon session

Alkistis Pourtsidou – Modelling non-linear effects for galaxy clustering measurements

lxandra Achitouv – Probing dark energy with cosmic voids

Adam Hawken – Measuring the growth rate of structure with cosmic voids


Tuesday 03/07/18

Morning session

Chris BlakeTesting gravity with multiple probes of cosmology

Shadab Alam – Redshift space distortions and environmental dependence of galaxy clustering

Uros Seljak – Optimal analysis of large scale structure

Chiraag Modi – Optimal clustering estimators

Byeonghee Yu – Redshift-Space Distortions from BOSS

Martin White – The statistics of shifted fields

Teppei Okumura – Probing physical boundaries of dark matter halos from cosmic density and velocity fields

Afternoon session

Vincent Desjacques – The redshift-space galaxy power spectrum

Davide Bianchi – DESI & optimal correction of target selection biases

Faizan MohammadLeast-biased RSD from luminous blue galaxies in VIPERS

Jianhua He – No evidence for departures from General Relativity from the clustering and velocities of galaxies on cosmological scales

Michael Wilson – Dropout Cosmology


Thursday 05/07/18

Morning session

Raul AnguloNumerical Simulations of LSS

Andrea Pezzotta – Testing redshift-space distortions with the Euclid Flagship simulation

Ben Granett – Simulating the Euclid Spectroscopic Survey

Jun Koda – Accurate power spectrum estimation

Rossana Ruggeri – Measuring redshift space distortions in deep redshift surveys

Pierluigi Monaco – How to measure a foreground mask from a galaxy sample

Afternoon session

Alfonso Veropalumbo – Comparison of 3-Point correlation function estimators

Andrea Oddo – Quantifying suppressed variance in fixed-amplitude simulation

Linda Blot – Cosmological simulations for large galaxy surveys

Matteo Zennaro – Constraining neutrino mass with galaxy clustering

Florian Beutler – Neutrino signature in the Baryon Acoustic Oscilations spectrum

Aoife Boyle – Deconstructing neutrino mass constraints from galaxy redshift


Friday 06/07/18

Morning session

Emanuele Castorina – Primordial Non Gaussianities and the LSS

Peder Norberg – PAUS

Joanne Cohn – Some properties of approximations to galaxy star formation rate histories