ERC 10th Anniversary

FROM THE ERC WEBSITE: Imagine developing new anticancer therapies or tackling Parkinson’s disease? Or discovering Earth-like worlds in outer space? Can research develop batteries that make our mobile devices last longer? This is the type of cutting-edge research that the EU is promoting through the European Research Council (ERC), set up ten years ago. Some 7,000...
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Darklight is moving!

Following Dr. Guzzo’s appointment as Full Professor on September 1st, 2016, the University of Milan has become the new coordinating host institution of the ERC project.

PI, post-docs and PhD students will be based at the Physics Department in Via Celoria 16 from the beginning of November, where they will have the...

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DEMNUni: ISW, Rees-Sciama, and weak-lensing in the presence of massive neutrinos

In the July 2016 issue of JCAP, for the first time in the literature, Darklight fellow Dr. Carmelita Carbone and co-authors present a full reconstruction of the total (linear and non-linear) ISW/Rees-Sciama effect in the presence of massive neutrinos, together with its cross-correlations with CMB-lensing and weak-lensing signals. The present analyses make use...

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