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Darklight is moving!

Following Dr. Guzzo’s appointment as Full Professor on September 1st, 2016, the University of Milan has become the new coordinating host institution of the ERC project.

PI, post-docs and PhD students will be based at the Physics Department in Via Celoria 16 from the beginning of November, where they will have the...

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|| By Jian-hua He ||

poten FRcamb is a fortran code for computing the linear cosmological perturbation in f(R) gravity, itself based on the public available Einstein-Boltzmann code CAMB, written by Antony Lewis and Anthony Challinor. The current version is its first release, which only supports the...

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VIPERS: clustering of galaxies and dark matter at redshift 1

Our model for dark matter is incredibly successful despite its simplicity.  But things get complicated when we try to understand galaxies, and actually the entire baryonic component of the Universe poses significant problems for theories of structure formation.  A step forward in understanding how galaxies relate to...

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