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DEMNUni: ISW, Rees-Sciama, and weak-lensing in the presence of massive neutrinos

In the July 2016 issue of JCAP, for the first time in the literature, Darklight fellow Dr. Carmelita Carbone and co-authors present a full reconstruction of the total (linear and non-linear) ISW/Rees-Sciama effect in the presence of massive neutrinos, together with its cross-correlations with CMB-lensing and weak-lensing signals. The present analyses make use...

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Group-galaxy correlations in redshift space as a probe of the growth of structure

Darklight PhD fellow Faizan Mohammad and co-authors investigate in this paper (MNRAS, Vol. 458, May 2016) the use of the cross-correlation between galaxies and galaxy groups to measure redshift-space distortions (RSD) and thus probe the growth rate of cosmological structure. This is compared to the classical approach based on using galaxy auto-correlation. They make use...

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