BAO & RSD: dark light on obscure acronyms

Most of the Darklight team will gather next week (4-8 July) in Sesto at the Sexten Center for Astrophysics, together with 30 experts, to discuss the analysis of the large scale structure of the Universe. The workshop will be focused in particular on Redshift-Space Distortions (RSD) and Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations (BAO) in the clustering of galaxies, two techniques that have emerged as very effective to investigate the nature of cosmic acceleration and, consequently, have been selected as primary probes in all next generation spectroscopic surveys.

The application of these probes to the current datasets has already produced remarkable scientific results. However, a significant amount of work is still required in developing both models and estimators to fully exploit the future datasets and reach the precision required to effectively discriminate among Dark Energy models and Modified Gravity scenarios.

During the workshop, the observers and theorists actively working in this area will tackle these issues in-depth, focusing on how to minimize the impact of systematic errors and extract unbiased cosmological information from the clustering data.

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