Post-doc fellowships available: apply now!

Two post-doctoral positions will be available in 2014 at the Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera (OA-Brera) of INAF, within the “DARKLIGHT” cosmology group led by Dr. Luigi Guzzo and funded by a 5-year ERC Advanced Research Grant. The goal of the program is to develop new techniques and models to extract cosmological information from current and future galaxy redshift surveys, with particular focus on modelling redshift-space distortions to obtain unbiased estimates of the growth rate of structure. Techniques are tested on numerical simulations and applied to new redshift survey data, in particular from the VIPERS survey currently under construction with the ESO VLT. The two available positions are focused on the combination of galaxy clustering with other cosmological probes, like CMB, galaxy clusters and weak gravitational lensing. Specific interest and expertise in these areas, both experimental and theoretical, will be considered as an asset. 

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