XC in N-body Simulations with neutrinos

demnuniDuring a 1-day workshop in Merate on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015, Darklight post-doc fellow Carmelita Carbone will present the first set of cosmological simulations produced within the “Dark Energy and Massive Neutrino Universe” (DEMNUni) project. These simulations are characterized by L=2Gpc/h, Npart=2×2048^3, a baseline LCDM-Planck cosmology, and four different total neutrino masses, Mnu=0,0.17,0.3,0.53 eV, with a degenerate mass spectrum. They are the largest N-body simulations to date with a massive neutrino component treated as an additional particle type.

To know more about Dr Carbone’s talk and other presentations, download the full XC-day program.