• Luigi Guzzo
    Principal Investigator

    I am a cosmologist, interested in both observations and theoretical interpretation of galaxy clustering....

  • Ben Granett

    I am a post doc fellow in the cosmology group at the Astronomical Observatory...

  • Adam Hawken

    I'm a postdoctoral researcher here at OAB Merate and one of eight Darklight fellows. My...

  • Carmelita Carbone

    I am a postdoc fellow in the cosmology team of Prof. Luigi Guzzo, at...

  • Faizan Mohammad

    I am a post-doc fellow in the Darklight cosmology group at the Osservatorio Astronomico...

  • Matteo Zennaro
    Associated PhD student

    I am a PhD student from the University of Milan working at the "Osservatorio...

  • Andrea Malerba
    Master's Degree Student

    I'm a master's degree student at Università degli Studi di Milano. My thesis work...

  • Claudio Barbieri
    Master's Degree Student

    For my thesis project I identified Emission Line Galaxies (ELGs) in the ‘VIMOS Public...


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