Darklight post-doc fellow from 15/04/2014 until 14/10/2017.

Unimi webpage

I am a postdoc fellow in the cosmology team of Prof. Luigi Guzzo, at the Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera (INAF-OAB) in Merate, Italy. Since my PhD, I have been working on a variety of different topics in Cosmology. In particular, here at OAB my work concerns the development of cosmological numerical simulations aimed at exploring different cosmological scenarios (mainly, massive neutrinos and dark-energy), and testing the effectiveness of the analysis techniques developed by the DARKLIGHT team. The project I am currently leading is called the "Dark Energy and Massive Neutrino Universe" simulations: https://www.researchgate.net/project/DEMN-Universe

I also have several responsabilities as member of the Euclid Consortium ( http://www.euclid-ec.org/ ). In particular:

i) I lead WP1 (Initial Conditions for simulations) and co-lead WP8 (Galaxy Clustering validation in simulations) in the Cosmological Simulations Science Working Group (CS-SWG);
ii) I co-lead WP1 (CMB-XC from N-body simulations) in the CMBX-SWG (LSS-CMB cross-correlations);
iii) I co-lead the Baseline-GC Task-Group (Galaxy Clustering forecasts) in the IST (Inter-SWG Taskforces) of Euclid.

Here below, you can find a brief cv describing my expertise and scientific interests.

Email: carmelita.carbone(at)brera.inaf.it




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